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 Exhale to Child's Pose because it's FINALLY the weekend 🤗 Child's pose is your safe place in class, you come back here anytime you get tired or just need a break. Let our studio be your Child's Pose in life. We are your space place, whenever you need a break or just need to click the restart button we will be waiting for you, ready to support you and watch you thrive ✌ Have a beautiful weekend yogis, stay warm   Good morning ⭐️ How has yoga changed your life? What does YogaLife mean to you? How do you feel after a class? We want to hear your #YOGALIFETESTIMONIAL, if you get featured in our testimonial of the week you will receive a week of FREE classes  Happy Friday beautiful beings of love, light and awesomeness A little bit of wisdom to take into your weekend: If you want to fly, you've got to let go of the things that weigh you down!  Now Birds of Paradise is no mean feat, but neither is the task of letting go. If you want to let go of something, rather than dwell on what you are missing or leaving behind, focus on what you are letting into your life instead! Let go of this week that has just passed and welcome in the weekend with open arms 🤗Follow the link in our bio to make an appointment with your mat this weekend and start the process of letting go of what no longer serves you. Namaste- Team Yogalife x  Stay warm and join us for some heated classes today  Follow the link in our bio to view our schedule, we can't wait to see you on your mat
 HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA  Thank goodness we have an internationally recognised day to celebrate YOGA There are not enough words in the English or Sanskrit dictionary to describe what yoga means to us here at YogaLife. We have a community of students who share their energy with us each day and we have cultivated relationships that will last a lifetime. Thank you to every living being that practices yoga, by breathing life into this journey you are shaping the world we live in. Thank you to YOU for making your way onto your mat time and time again   OK, so it's Monday We feel you sometimes the start of the week can be quite overwhelming, its no wonder our studio is often the busiest today! Transform this meh Monday into a MAGIC monday all with a little help from your mat of course  We have a week filled to the brim with a wide variety classes to suit ALL levels. Follow the link in our bio to view this week's schedule ✌  It's a new month beautiful yogis 🤸‍♀️ We can’t believe we are halfway through the year already, how did that happen? The start of a new month is the best time to give yourself a goal to reach towards or to try something completely new! Move out of your comfort zone this June, you can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward or uncomfortable as you try new things. Flip your dog, try an inversion or stay in that sweet spot just an extra 10 seconds. Limits are made in the mind, which ones will you push this month?   Just like the moon we go through phases  Stay tuned for @chantyco's full moon YoBoogy event happening on the 9th of June!! You can expect to dance, flow and move with energy of the full moon  We will keep you posted for more details ⭐️
 Happy Tuesday sunshine souls  Thank you to our beautiful community who keep tagging us in their EPIC yoga shots! "Sometimes it will feel as though you have lived the most difficult day but at the end of the day, look towards the sunset as a reminder that no matter what happens every day can end beautifully!" Thank you @missnataliewalsh for this dreamy pic   Happy Friday beautiful yogis! Its nearly the weekend woohoo!! From the YogaLife family, may you have a weekend filled with LOVE, LIGHT and WARMTH We hope to see you at the studio this weekend or better yet at @chantyco's YoBoogy full moon yoga flow this evening ⭐️  Congratulations yogis today our 30 day challenge comes to an end  We are in awe of the strength, persistence and just general good vibes all of our wonderful students bring to the studio each day  Join us tonight as we celebrate the end of the 30 day challenge with a vibey yoga flow with @chantyco and a sound journey afterwards with renowed DJ Vanessa Holliday! From 6:15 onwards there will be pizza, party, prizes and fun! All bodies welcome even if you didn't participate in the challenge we want to see you there! We have some incredible prizes to giveaway by the following brands: @movepretty @spiritgirl_activewear @wassskin @yogashmoga_sa We will also give away 2 free months a mat and a @sentiensyoga towel. See you tonight ⭐️❤️  Happy Birthday to our very own little miss sunshine @danielleoosthuizen  Thank you for bringing love and light into every class you teach! We wish you the very best birthday filled with happiness and good vibes. We are certainly very grateful you were born 🦋🦋🦋
 It's the start of the week and we have decided that Monday and your mat are by far the best combination since yoga and breathing 🤗 Follow the link to view our classes for the week to ensure you make time for that special appointment with yourself and your mat  The next yogini generation   Happy Happy Birthday to the wonderful, wise and incredible yogi and human @laurenporteryoga 🦋We all adore you more than we can say! Thank you for being the backbone of our studio, your constant support for all those around you is absolutely inspiring!! You are a natural born mother not just to darling Pepper but to everyone you encounter. We are so grateful for all that you are and all that you do, whether it be training our teachers or opening the hearts of everyone who is in your presence May you be treated like the goddess that you are today every other day! Om Namo Guru Dev Namo  namaste Team YogaLife xxx Comment below to send Lauren a birthday message!!  Happy Monday beautiful beings  How is everyone doing? We are so impressed with everyone participating in our 30 Day challenge, you are so close to the finish line! Sending lots of love and strength to everyone don’t forget to enter our #YOGALIFEGLOWCHALLENGE to win an incredible handcrafted @moveflowglow active wear set, all you have to do is take a picture of yourself doing yoga , tag us and tell us what keeps you motivated especially in the Winter months. Use the Hashtag #Yogalifeglowchallenge. Winners to be decided at the end of the month! ✌
 "Your perception creates your reality. One might see scarcity, another abundance. Be present in your mind and conscious of your perception, but be sensitive to the fact that others may see the world differently. “ Don't miss @crawlproject's Vinyasa class tonight at 6 PM for a shift in perception and an overall mind and body workout! Follow the link in our bio to view our other classes for today   Happy Monday everyone! Get excited about your week ahead and join us this FRIDAY with @chantyco and South African DJ Vanessa Holiday as we dance, flow and move with the energy of the full moon  A fluid yoga dance class in collaboration with a sound journey to carry you deeper into your practice. Cost: R140 RSVP: info@yogalife.co.za OR chat to one of our teachers at the front desk ⭐️⭐️⭐️  Happy Monday wonderful souls We are feeling especially happy and vibey today because the end of our 30 day challenge is upon us!! Resilient yogis we are just so proud of each and every one of who are participating in the challenge, we know it's been tough and transformative!  There will of course be a party to celebrate as well as an awards ceremony, with some amazing yoga prizes up for grabs. You're almost there. Keep going. And don't forget to breathe and have fun