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 Today is a bittersweet day at the studio as we say farewell to the beautiful Simone 🦋 Sim you have grown and blossomed as a teacher and transformed so many of your students lives with your nurturing and powerful classes. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our studio what it is today, the yogalife community is without a doubt stronger because we have had you as one of our teachers. As you go off on your adventures to Hong Kong and the USA, know that you are loved and supported and you will be tremendously missed! Safe travels as you share your light with the rest of the world  If any of you have goodbye messages for Sim please comment below!   It’s a shorter week, thank goodness and it’s time to dance... consciously that is: A growing tribe of movers and shakers are discovering and unleashing their power in conscious dance, a combination of moving meditation, soul-stirring music and self-expression. Connecting “within” through free and inspired body movement is the power of conscious dance. It's based on the premise that, “each of us is a moving center, a space of divine mystery.” Who has tried this glorious form of self expression?? Share below!  When the root chakra is balanced, you will find contentment, happiness, and inner peace. ❤You will have more compassion and patience towards yourself and those around youWe found a great article that gives us poses aimed at both stimulating and releasing energy from the Muladhara in order to allow for true transformation and personal growth. Follow the link in our bio for an excellent morning read   In today’s #YogaTpoic we address a topic that affects every lady yogi The pros and cons of doing yoga during your menstrual cycle. There is ample reason to educate yourself on the benefits and drawbacks of practicing especially inversions while on your period. We suggest really tapping into your body’s needs at the time and forming your own opinions from there. Intuitive practice with self love that's what we're all about
 Happy #FreedomDay to all South Africans 🇿🇦 Today we are grateful for the freedom to move our bodies, the freedom to choose, to live, to laugh and to love in this beautiful country we call home. We have a revised schedule today please follow the link in our bio to view our classes  Enjoy the public holiday and the sunshine!!!Team YogaLife   Beautiful yogis, we invite you to join us in a 30 day yoga challenge starting May 1st!  An opportunity to grow and strengthen your practice,to reflect and transform your mind, body and soul. Be inspired by the changing seasons and the transformation of it! After all, "Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower"  Sign up at the front desk or email kristi@yogalife.co.za   Good Morning Beautiful Yogis 🤗🤗 In the next 2 months we will be introducing you to the 7 Chakras to add to your already blossoming yoga knowledge Today we start with the Root Chakra: Muladhara. Located at the base of the spine, the pelvic floor, and the first three vertebrae, the root chakra is responsible for your sense of safety and security on this earthly journey. Your balancing mantra for this chakra is: “I am strong, stable and at peace.”Have an amazing, grounded rest of your week   Our Teacher Training starts tonight, but it's not too late to sign up and begin the journey with us  If you are interested in expanding your practice, changing your life and lives of others, email us and we will add you to our group of blossoming, beautiful yoga teachers!! Email: kristi@yogalife.co.za
 MAY the next month be a period of magnificent transformation ✌ Sign up at the front desk or email kristi@yogalife.co.za to join our 30 Day Challenge starting May 1st!! This is a beautiful time to reflect, restore and revive before the winter months.  Let's move with the flow of the seasons together! ✌  Good morning Beautiful Humans  Some Monday wisdom for you today: Life is a journey that winds in ways we can often not predict. In these times of uncertainty, your attitude is what determines how you will face the unknown. For everything we cannot control, we must strive for balance. Balance of the heart, balance of the mind and soul, balance of the breath. Thank you again @angelique_fredericks for this stunning image. Keep striving for balance   New Month. New Beginnings. New mindset. New focus. New Intentions. New Start! Happy April you wonderful humans! The start of a new month is always the start of something beautiful. Change is ever-present. Embrace it and paint your life with all the colours of the wind
 Having conversations with the future yogini generation @laurenporteryoga @theyogalife #yogis #yogini #yogalife #pepperporter #dp #yogasouthafrica #family #babytalk  We're half way through our Autumn 2017 200hr Teacher Training! The unfolding continues! ❤️ @theyogalife #namaste #transform #teachertraining #yogasouthafrica #yogaeverydamnday  Happy Friday darling yogis 🤗 Our feet are extremely valuable, priceless even and yet often they go on with their daily tasks unnoticed, neglected and forgotten. For many of us they work hard all day long, carrying us to and fro without much thought, care or compensation. They are our foundation, our transportation; one of the primary ways we connect to the earth energetically; and one of the best tools we have for getting centered and grounded after spending too much time in the realm of thought  always remember to take note how your feet are planted in yoga to make for the most effective, grounding practice ❤
 Many of us feel anger, irritability and frustration throughout the course of our daily lives. Exercise can be a great daily treatment to release those feelings. If you find yourself getting angry often, Yoga can help both with calming you down in the moment, when you feel angry, as well as long-term anger management. Remember not to run away from these feelings life works in mysterious ways and our struggle is our biggest teacher, let your yoga practice allow you to hold the space for every emotion   *Schedule Change* Just a heads up yogis, our 5:30 Power class has been cancelled today due to the protests. Sending love and light to all our fellow South Africans   We spend so much time waiting for everything to fall into place in the hope that therein lies our peace. Our shallowness is often so loud that we cannot hear our spirit encouraging us first to find peace, that everything will fall into place afterwards. Thank you @bronwyndumbleton for sharing your peaceful place with us.