New Students

We offer both beginner and open level Vinyasa and Power Yoga classes. If you are new to yoga practice, or have lots of experience, we have a class for you.

Feel intimidated to join a yoga class? We offer FREE BEGINNER CLASSES on Monday & Thursday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 5pm. These classes are taught in an unheated room and are very accessible. The instructor slowly breaks down the postures allowing everyone to go at their own pace. Our open level classes have all levels of students in them, so please feel free to join us at any time.

If you don’t have a yoga mat we do provide rentals mats for R10. A large towel is useful if you are doing a heated Power Yoga class. Come to class well hydrated and with an empty stomach. No need to book in advance for our classes, but please arrive 10-15 minutes before class so you have enough time to get settled. We have change rooms with plenty of showers.

We offer local Cape Town residents, who are new to YogaLife, a free week of yoga. Come as often as you like for 7 consecutive days and experience the different classes and instructors. You may join any class at any time during your free week.

To help you get settled in and to make your experience even more fulfilling, please be mindful of the following:

Arrive 10-15 minutes early. Please leave your shoes at the front door and then check in at the front desk.
• Injuries or medical conditions. Please let your instructor know before class if you have anything going on with you so they can best serve you.
• Practice on an empty stomach. Do not eat a big meal 2 hours prior to yoga practice. Be sure to come to class well hydrated.
• Dress appropriately. Wear comfortable, fitted workout clothes you are okay to sweat in. Bring another set of clothes to change into if you plan on sweating.
• Valuables. We have a limited numbers of lockers available for use DURING CLASS (please bring your own lock). Otherwise you can take them into the studio with you.
• Turn off your cell phone. Please be respectful of your yogi neighbours and refrain from texting or using your cell phone in the yoga room.
• Fragrances. Please do not wear any fragrances to class.
• Leaving class early. Please don’t. For your own personal safety, please stay in the yoga room for the duration of your class. You can always lay down on your mat. If you absolutely must leave early, please let your instructor know before class so as to reduce the impact of you leaving on your fellow student.
• Your Yoga Practice. Like running or the gym, once or twice a week will leave you stiff and sore each time you go. Try for 3-6 times per week to give the magic of yoga a chance to work for you.
• Please be quiet in the yoga room. If you need to speak to your friends, please chat in the reception area.
• Please be respectful of your fellow yogis. Please. In the studio, the bathroom and the reception area. We are all in this together.