127 Waterkant St, De Waterkant, Cape Town, 8001
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“One practices Yoga over lifetimes; in each cycle, a dedicated yogi is drawn to the light of Yoga as moths are to a flame. Jared Musiker started seeking meditative & yogic practices as a teenager; these were prescribed via a forward-thinking psychologist as an alternative to medication. Alongside yoga, Jared is a contemporary performance artist; both have provided Jared with a unique vantage point of seeing and sharing the sublime beauty within everything.
Rooted in the 8 limbs of traditional Yoga while also grasping at the contemporary advancements connecting the mental, physical and ethereal spheres. Jared teaches authentic & transformative classes in the styles of Ashtanga-vinyasa, Bikram style hot yoga, Forrest yoga, Nada yoga (yoga of sound) & creative powerful Vinyasa sequences. Classes are tailored to inspire extraordinary within the ordinary, equipping one with the tools to overcome obstacles both on and beyond the mat.”