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200-Hour YogaLife Teacher Training



Early bird R24 000 if paid in full (before 15th February 2023).

Full Investment R26 000.
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SUMMER part-time dates: 2 March – 16 April 2023.

SPRING full-time dates: 30 September – 28 October 2023.



AUTUMN part-time dates: 12 April – 14 June 2023

Long weekend break 27 April – 2 May.

The Experience

Thank you for your interest in our world class YogaLife Teacher Training located in the exquisite city of Cape Town, South Africa! You are one step away from embarking on a life changing experience! The YogaLife Teacher Training, led by a dynamic group of senior instructors, is designed to inspire and awaken your inner teacher, kick-start the journey of self-transformation, build relationships and community and produce powerful and dynamic Power and Vinyasa flow yoga instructors. Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training consists of a balanced combination of asana and sequencing instruction, mindfulness meditation, Eastern philosophy and psychology and offers plenty of opportunities to practice and learn how to teach. You will study the foundations of the asana practice from alignment, physiology and anatomy perspectives and gain an appreciation for how different bodies embody the physical practice. You will also learn the 5 research based principles of the YogaLife method as they relate to the chakra system and how the yoga and mindfulness practices initiate growth and connection in the mind-body.

Further, trainees often report moving through their fear of public speaking, learning how to hold unconditional space for students embarking on the yoga journey and feeling empowered to speak their truths as a result of completing the YogaLife Teacher Training. Lastly and certainly not in the least, the relationships and connections that are built among the trainees and teachers is one of the most powerful and moving aspects of the YogaLife Teacher Training. Whether you’re looking to be a yoga teacher or just want to deepen your practice, the YogaLife Teacher Training is perfect for you. Be prepared to be challenged, move beyond your limitations and discover your unique path to oneness in a nurturing and encouraging environment. Join us!

What is included:

Access to all classes in The YogaLife 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (200 hour YA certified).

Instruction and interaction with YogaLife Teachers, Faculty, and Staff the YogaLife Teacher Training Manual

Ongoing support following the training

Unlimited access to The YogaLife Studio classes 1 month after training for R498

The Curriculum

YogaLife and Yoga Alliance standards for Teacher Training Program

Yoga Alliance is the largest non-profit association representing the yoga community in the world. Their mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga. The YogaLife 200 hour Teacher Training program is registered with Yoga Alliance and as such, follows their minimum curriculum requirements outlined below. Upon completion of this course, you may register with Yoga Alliance and be listed on their website as a “certified teacher” for a nominal yearly fee. You can find more information at www.yogaalliance.org.
  • The art of teaching The YogaLife Power/Vinyasa flow
  • Anatomy & physiology
  • History, philosophy & ethics of yoga
  • The chakra system
  • Pranayama, mantra and mindfulness meditation
  • Posture breakdown and alignment
  • Intelligent sequencing
  • Safe and effective hands-on adjustments
  • The business of yoga
  • Public speaking and communication skills
  • Practice teaching


6:30 – 9:00pm:
Theory Modules
Saturday & Sunday
8:00 – 10:30: Intensive practice
10:30: Break
11:30: Theory modules
13:00-14:00: Group processing
14:00: Break
14:30 – 16:30: Practice Teaching

YogaLife’s Yoga Teacher Training is a unique experience that has deepened not only my knowledge of yoga, but my knowledge of myself. The training offers a deeply considered framework that allows one to explore the many aspects of their personal yoga practice while equipping them with the necessary tools to teach a well-°©‐rounded yoga class. It has given me insight to the infinite, innate beauty that each of us possess and inspired me continue to learn and transform through my interactions with others. Thanks to the wonderful community at YogaLife, the learning environment is supportive and engaging, and will warmly welcome anyone who is keen to learn more about the transformational experience.


This training will challenge you, it will teach you, it will grow you, it will open your mind and your heart to experiences you thought you could never have. I feel well equipped to continue this journey as both a yogi and a teacher. The YogaLife Teacher Training is an integrated and balanced program that you can apply to your entire life. The precious time spent with fellow like-minded individuals and some of your favouriteteachers are priceless. I am forever grateful to this team of humans and the friendships made. Do it. If not now… Then when?


I truly feel the YogaLife Teacher Training was a gift to the soul and definitely helped elevate me into a better place in all my relationships, including my relationship with myself. I was extremely nervous to go into my first class, as I felt perhaps I wasn’t strong enough in my practice to be joining, but soon realized that the Teacher Training was not about which challenging postures you could achieve with ease, or at all. Rather, the teachers guided us to reach our own personal best in every aspect of the yoga and mindfulness practices from where we are in our journey so that we can also emulate this compassion and understanding for everyone’s personal journey on their mat, meditation cushion and in life in general. One of my visions for this training was to learn to trust myself fully; not just to trust my body to move into poses I envisioned myself to go into (still a work in progress), but also to trust my intuition and my choices in life. This journey has brought me to a beautiful place of trust.


The Yoga Teacher Training was truly a life-changing experience and I’m convinced that I have all the necessary tools to become a great teacher. It’s now up to me to further develop my skills and continue the learning path! As it relates to my personal growth, I feel like I have had my “blinders” removed and now I am able, with mindfulness, to see the world differently and be more considerate of other people’s journeys as it impacts them and not just how my interaction with them impacts me. Although Tanya and I are going to live in Bali for a while, the YogaLife community will always have a special place in my heart. I will be back to visit YogaLife whenever possible and am so excited to continue my growth on this amazing yoga life journey! Thanks guys!

From time to time life is marked by frequent change of circumstances. It has ups and downs especially when it comes to unusual circumstances such as Covid-19.

Like many people, it was hard to experience and accept the sudden changes due to Covid-19 that resulted in total lockdown.

My personal experience has not gone far from other people. As a family provider and a student at the same time, I found myself locked down with the rest of my family including the firstborn son Jayden, who is living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The lockdown has never been a good experience with either Jayden or the rest of us. It is during the shock that came as a result of these conditions that a friend introduced me to a yoga class for the first time, right after the lockdown was adjusted.

As depressed as I was, having lost interest in almost everything, and everybody, to the point it was getting hard to connect to my family, I started going to classes just to experience what was about but with no other expectation of any positive change that could come out of attending yoga classes.

As soon as I started the first session, this was a completely different experience. Rather than finding a class of ladies only as I used to think, I found hard working ladies and gentlemen on challenging physical activities that were hard to keep up. However, I found the place to be non-judgemental as everybody works in her or his capacity. This kind of environment motivated me to come for more classes and I slowly started growing in practicing yoga and felt the change in me.

Today I completed a Yoga Life teacher training which was a scholarship offered to me by Yoga Life. During this training, I discovered more about myself and yoga practice in general. Since then my life has been transformed. I have managed to come out of my depression and live a happy life. My body is full of energy. I’m picking up the energy and ability to face my real life by managing different tasks that I had previously failed including pursuing my University studies.

With yoga, I’m connecting and helping different people including individuals that live with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families. Yoga is helping me to live a happy life with my family as it has created a way for us to work and connect as a family.

Yoga has promoted inclusiveness and confidence in my life. I’m proud of who I’m today, I’m proud of being part of the YogaLife family, Thank you YogaLife, and a friend who introduced me to  you.


The Team

Chantal is a lover of movement. Her passion is to create movement in the yoga room with purpose and intention. Her goal is to unite the physical, mental and energetic bodies with a strong focus on breath and movement as the vehicle to do so. Chantal links breath, movement and music to bring her classes together, and this is what you can expect to learn from her. Her fine turned focus on intelligent sequencing and alignment also keeps her constantly learning and sharing what she learns in the yoga room. She will take you through a series of intensive classes throughout the training that will focus on specific energetic and physical areas. You can expect the specific posture breakdowns to the fun intelligent sequencing, theming and music breakdown portions of the training to be dynamic and interactive with Chantal.

It’s the healing experience  of yoga that  keeps drawing Yolande back to her mat and inspires her to facilitate teacher training.  The connection of breath, movement and mind awakens our connection to Self and builds a deeper connection with those around us.

Teacher training offers Yolande the opportunity to share some of the knowledge and experiences she has been fortunate to receive from teachers in Cape Town, India and Europe.

She sees teacher training as an opportunity to deepen her own practice and learn from fellow practitioners. She mostly facilitates the philosophy and Ayurveda modules in the training.

Teacher training is a transformative, life enriching experience for each person in the group whether you are a student or a facilitator. It is because of this and the many other facets of the process which have contributed to Danielle’s passion for teacher training. Danielle is a deep believer in the power of Yoga as a tool for self-knowing, nervous system self-regulation, kindness and growth. Voice & communication, creative sequencing, alignment and assists are some of the areas in which Danielle is involved, however through her own constant learning and exploration of the practice, other areas of interest are often sparked. Danielle will offer dynamic, fun classes and sessions throughout the training and is always touched by seeing how the connectedness that develops between each participant, lasts for years to come.

The Location

Our studio is right in the heart of De Waterkant, next to the Old Cape Quarter on Waterkant Street. We are dedicated to promoting expanded consciousness, healing and growth in individuals from the global community. We do this by offering transformative yoga classes in a supportive and professional space that are fun, physically challenging, and contemplative.

The Investment


R24 000  – early bird rate

R26 000  – full price

non-refundable after training has started

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